Monday, March 28, 2011

#87 The Smell of Skelet

This is really just the skelet, no muscles, no fat. The symphony moves in the way it should move but there's nothing bold, no attack, no full body. The sound colors are magical, very raw, like if the primitive colors are not fully blended yet.

Grossmann's account is historical one: playing Eroica on period instruments, in the same place and with the same number of musicians as on its premiere in 1804. It's great to hear the music skeleton but the fortes are not the best ones and actually the whole dynamic range of Ensemble 28 is flat. With only eight violins, I'd expect their pianissimos to be mysterious.

Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
Work: Symphony No 3, III. Scherzo
Recording: Ensemble 28, Daniel Grossmann

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